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Five Advantages Of A Cutter Suction Dredger

2019-11-01 17:18:36 Jason 8808

Five Advantages Of A Cutter Suction Dredger

(1) The cutter suction dredger has a wide range of uses and can be used in rivers and lakes for dredging, tunnel excavation and landfilling.

In special cases, high-power reamer equipment is installed on the cutter suction dredger, and rock formations such as basalt and limestone can be excavated without blasting.

 (2) The cutter suction dredger has high working efficiency, large output and long pump distance.

Large cutter suction dredgers can produce thousands of cubic meters per hour.

The silt or crushed rock material is pumped out a few kilometers away by means of a powerful power through a mud pump and a mud line.

 (3) The cutter suction dredger is easy to operate and easy to control.

The dredger relies on the mast of the ship to position and advance the steel pile. The two measuring steel cables are fixed by the winch boom and the anchors fixed in the trench are pulled by the winch, and the hatchback swings and cuts the silt material in a certain Under the control of the swing angle, the material that is twisted is pumped through the sludge pipe to the stacking field.

The stepping of the dredger is an alternating movement of the two piles, moving forward.

 (4) Large cutter suction dredger with self-propelled system. You can take your own flight when you move. Small and medium-sized dredgers are mostly self-propelled systems, which are towed by tugboats. Small and medium-sized dredgers can be designed and built into an assembly type, transported by land to the site, and assembled after use.

 (5) The cutter suction dredger is economically good. The excavation and transportation of materials are completed in one time, and no other ships are required to cooperate. Relative engineering costs are lower.

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