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Asia's Largest CSD Dredger

2019-11-01 17:12:28 Jason 7507

Asia's Largest CSD Dredger "TianKunHao"

“TianKunhao” is the first heavy-duty self-propelled cutter in China with complete independent intellectual property rights from design to construction. The cutter suction boat is mainly used for dredging rivers, lakes and seas and sand-filling projects, suitable for excavation. Sandy soil, silt and other soils are looser than the bottom. It was invested and jointly designed by China Communications Construction Tianjin Waterway Bureau Co., Ltd. ("Tianhang Bureau").

CSD Dredger

The navigation platform and the dredging platform are respectively arranged on the front and rear sides of the control room of the "TianKunhao". As the "brain" of the "TianKunhao", this equipment is the most advanced intelligent integrated control system for the cutter suction dredger in China. It can display the three-dimensional soil quality in real time, calculate the tide level, manage energy efficiency, and intelligent automatic dredging.

The "TianKunhao" has a total length of 140 meters, a width of 27.8 meters, a maximum depth of 35 meters, a total installed power of 25,843 kilowatts, a design of 3,000 cubic meters of dredging per hour, and a rated power of 6,600 kilowatts. Its dredging capacity exceeds the “TianJinghao”, the largest cutter suction dredger in Asia, which is also invested byTianjin Waterway Bureau. These excavated mudstones can be transported up to a dozen kilometers away, enabling rapid landfills.

There are multiple airbags for isolation between the upper living area of the hull and the main hull deck. This is the first pneumatic shock absorber of the "TianKunhao. 148 flexible airbags are filled with gas when dredging, effectively buffering the vibration of the hull working condition. In order to adapt to the harsh sea conditions, the "TianKunhao" has made many improvements. The ship's bridge weight is up to 1,600 tons, which can meet the needs of excavating high-strength rock. The bridge is equipped with the world's largest wave compensation system to ensure the safety of the ship under heavy wind and wave conditions. The three-cable positioning system on board is suitable for waves up to 4 meters high.


There are also some names in the "TianKunhao", "the island artifact",  "TianKunhao" are also known as "map editors", we can carry out coastal or channel dredging and land reclamation operations at sea, how to dig under the reasonable construction planning, how to fill it, how to fill it fill.

The construction of a cutter suction ship mainly consists of five major nodes: start-up, launching, dock mooring test, sea trial, and delivery.

The “TianKunhao” was started in early 2016. It was launched for the first time on the morning of November 3, 2017. After 7 months, it completed the installation of the whole ship hydraulic piping system, the ship coating and painting work, and the construction of the distributed ship-to-ship power system. And other equipment installation and commissioning, and completed the ship tilt test.

On June 8, 2018, the "TianKunhao" went through the north corner of the Yangtze River estuary to the Huashu Mountain area of Zhejiang Province for a three-day official sea trial.

This time, the experiment began on October 2, 2018. The “TianKunhao” went to Qidong, Jiangsu Province to carry out the dredging test. After a month of assessment, on November 23, the “TianKunhao” went to Dalian. Carry out rock excavation tests. Finally, on January 9 this year, the last experiment before the production was successfully passed.

Cutter Suction Dredger

It can dig a one-meter football field in an hour, and you can dig a pit like the White House in one day! It is also equipped with intelligent dredging system, which can realize unmanned automatic dredging, and can automatically adjust the construction action according to the actual situation of the construction area, realizing the quick and accurate construction of the dredger~

Dredging can be basically divided into inland rivers and channel dredging, port dredging, and ocean dredging. Compared with other industries, it is relatively small. Now with energy development, such as oil and natural gas, the exploration of these energy resources is carried out in remote areas. Need to build a port that requires dredging. There are more and more opportunities to dredge the industry;

In addition, as the world's population continues to increase, especially in coastal areas, more coastal land needs to be opened to prevent erosion and flooding, which requires dredging in coastal areas;

In addition, as global trade volumes increase, more and more goods are transported by sea using large vessels or vessels. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the port infrastructure, for which it needs to be dredged to keep the port working properly;

As the global tourism industry is also increasing, the beaches need to be in good condition, so dredging in these areas;

Leader Dredger Cutter Suction Dredger.jpg

The dredging channel is not only in addition to dredging itself and for development services, but also the function of the governance environment

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