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Cutter Scution Dredger Dredging Machinery Manufacturer

2019-11-01 17:15:47 Jason 6509

Cutter Scution Dredger Dredging Machinery

The cutter suction dredger is a kind of equipment widely used in environmental protection dredging and sand mining.

The utility model utilizes a rotating cutter head device installed at the front end of the suction pipe to stir and extract the river bottom sediment, and uses the powerful pumping force to transport the twisted sediment material to the sediment material accumulation field through the conveying pipeline, and its digging The working process of sediment, sediment transport, and sediment discharge can be completed continuously at one time. It is a high-efficiency, low-cost sediment excavation equipment and a good underwater excavation machine.

The cutter suction dredgers are used in the construction of rivers, lakes and coastal ports and are a major equipment in existing dredgers.

There are two steel piles in the crotch of the dredger. When dredging, one of them is inserted into the bottom of the river as a positioning pile. The dredger is pulled by the anchor cable, and the dredging is excavated by the left and right centering.

When moving forward, like walking on two legs, the pile is alternately replaced with another steel pile, and the process of dredging and sand-drawing of the reamer is fan-shaped.

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