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Professional Dredge Manufacturers

2019-11-01 17:16:00 Jason 6513

Professional Dredge Manufacturers

Leader Dredger has debuted a new design 20” (500 mm) cutter suction dredge, the Series LD4500 dredge

Leader Dredger's new LD4500 20 Inch cutter suction dredger manufacture for dredging tasks and maintenance excavation tasks in rivers and ports

Leader Dredger's latest design of the cutter suciton dredger, designed to be reliable, easy to transport, durable, and customizable

LD4500 Dredge vessel has a total installed power of 1,293kW. It is capable of storing 22m³ of fuel oil, 8.8m³ of ballast water and 2.5m³ of hydraulic oil.

The vessel features a spacious ergonomic control cabin and engine room. The operator’s cabin is installed with air conditioning and heating system. It offers a panoramic view of both the vessel and the site.

Professional Dredge Manufacturer:

The LD4500 vessel is installed with BP5045 dredge pump, a suction pipe and a discharge pipe. The dredge pump integrates a highly efficient double-curved impeller for superior suction capability. It is also installed with an environmentally friendly mechanical shaft seal, which avoids the need for grease or gland water, resulting in reduced service downtime

What depth can your dredges reach?

Our standard cutter suction dredge’s digging depths range from our smallest at 20′ (6 m) up to 58′ (18 m). For special applications, digging depths can be increased substantially.

Leader Dredger Is A Professional Dredge Manufacturer.

Leader Dredger Company Information:

Mainly for international marketing and exporting for the Dredgers,pipeline,construction machinery etc.

Weifang Leader co isThe only Professional Chinese manufacture for the cutter suction dredger production which combine:Design and reserch,Production,export and after sale service.

The Chinese dredge manufacture who has many branch offices in Asia,Russia,Mid-East,Africa countries etc;

The Chinese manufacture who keep the biggest sale anualy for cutter suction dredgers.

Leader dredger,on the march to a world famous brand name,is your ideal choice for dredging machinery!