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Dredgers are widely used in port and river dredging

2019-11-01 17:15:53 admin 15

Dredgers are widely used in port and river dredging

The purpose of the ship is to sail on rivers and sea lanes, and it has a certain transportation function. For the operation of the cutter suction dredger, dredging vessel and other vessels, the purpose is to ensure the safety of the ordinary ship's counterparts.

Why are these ships only able to perform such good results in such a field?

 The performance and efficacy of each ship type are different, and the work carried out is also at different levels. The cutter suction dredger can achieve such achievements in ports and rivers mainly due to the configuration of cutting power, making it suitable for excavating various types of soil. The most ideal working place like a port, equipped with suitable cutting accessories, can be quickly Clean the soil of the porter's sludge and other soils.

In order to allow the cutter suction dredger to have better power, a pusher will be installed to replace the site. Large cutter suction dredgers are equipped with propeller systems to reduce the risk of being caught; propeller systems can be used to help the cutter suction dredgers leave the excavation area and of course help the cutter suction dredger from work Move the point to another work point. It has helped the work efficiency of the cutter suction dredger to increase and can work flexibly.


How can the cutter suction dredgers move in the sea port and the inland river channel, thanks to the installation of the propulsion device, so that it can work in mutual mobility in a short period of time, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

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