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Dredging And Engineering

2019-11-01 17:15:55 Jason 6512

Dredging And Engineering

Dredging works refer to earth and stone works carried out by using dredgers or other implements and artificial underwater excavation to widen and deepen the waters. The trench design stress map of the dredging project causes changes in the internal structure of the water flow by changing the geometric boundary of the river flow, so that the newly formed water flow structure can not only ensure that the sediment is no longer deposited in the channel (at least until the next flood season comes, no more sedimentation) ), and can transport the sediment into the deep trough to keep the channel stable.

Excavation and treatment of water sediments, sand, stones, etc. in waterways or port waters according to the specified scope and depth. Dredging is one of the main means of developing, improving and maintaining waterways and port waters.

The dredgers used for dredging mainly depend on the nature of the dredged materials and the meteorological, hydrological and geographical conditions of the construction area. In the coastal and estuary areas where the wind and waves are large and unshielded, self-propelled suction dredgers should be used; in combination with the dredging, the cutter suction dredger with the mud pipeline is often used; the bottom is the hard soil with the bucket dredging Ships; in the case of small working surfaces, such as at the front of the port, it is advisable to use a grab dredger. When dredging operations, avoid obstructing the navigation of the transport vessel and pay attention to the safe operation and facilities. At the scene, the exact position of the trench should be calibrated, the water level signal, dredging and dumping area signs should be arranged, the water depth measurement should be carried out frequently, the dredger running time should be improved, and the dredging method should be studied.

With the rapid development of the dredging market and the rapid advancement of science and technology, in order to meet the construction requirements of different projects, Leader Dredger has developed different types of dredging vessels to put into use, the more common in the project is the cutter suction dredger.

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