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Impact Of Marine Dredging On Marine Life

2019-05-27 17:30:33 Jason 610

Impact Of Marine Dredging On Marine Life

Dredging is a global excavation that involves rivers, ponds, canals, and oceans. Used to remove deposits or build ports, etc.(Please browse for details:What is dredging

Submarine regulations, project requirements and nature determine which dredger to use; various types of processes vary widely

Any activity has a negative impact, and dredging boats are no exception.

First, if improperly handled during the dredging process, a large amount of harmful substances will be emitted, which are fatal to marine animals.

Marine animals are widely distributed, and marine animals in some areas are denser than others. Interference with these habitats that may be caused by dredging may affect local distribution and abundance.

So we have to make sure that our staff must obey the rules of ocean dredging when operating deep-sea dredgers.