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How Does Beach Dredging Work?

2019-11-01 17:13:22 Jason 7511

How Does Beach Dredging Work?

Why The Beach Needs To Be Dredged?

Beach Dredging Work - Leader Dredger.jpg

a. When the sea is too close to the waterfront property and the city, the waterfront property and city will be impressed by the storm and erosion. Because when the typhoon or storm comes, the sea level will rise rapidly, and all the facilities near the sea will be destroyed, and there will be dangers related to life.

b. Sea sand is obtained by dredging at sea for the construction of beaches, also known as artificial beaches. By building a beach, people can get more space for activities, and also to expand the distance between the sea and nearby buildings.

Beach Dredging Cast?

According to the size of the beach, dredging cast will appear bias

But the preparation that is definitely needed is

a. A large dredging equipment (refer to Leader Dredger LD10000)

b. A container dedicated to loading and transferring sand (leader Dredger gives this container during the event)

c. Salary required to hire personnel

According to three, you can calculate beach dredging cast

Beauch Dredging Work Process?

Beauch Dredging Work Process - Leader Dredger.jpg

a. Large dredging equipment is equipped with power system and navigation system, and it is necessary to drive large dredging equipment to specific sea areas.

b. Put the cutter head into the seabed through the cutter suction dredger, and suck the sediment from the seabed into the pipeline.

c. Pipe discharge port connected to transfer sand container

d. When the container is fully loaded, the container travels to a specific location to remove the sand and return to reload the sand.

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