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How Does Dredging A Lake Work?

2019-11-01 17:13:23 Jason 58

How Does Dredging A Lake Work?

Over time, more and more sediment, silt or sand is at the bottom of the lake, which leads to a series of problems (see the specific issue - What does dredging a lake mean?)

Dredging equipment is needed to remove large amounts of sediment to keep the waterway healthy and to continue to be used for commercial applications. Different types of dredging vessels are required for different waters.(How to choose dredging equipment?)

There are two types of dredging equipment that can be selected:

1. Hydraulic Dredging Equipment Work Process:

Hydraulic Dredging Equipment How Does Dredging A Lake Work - Leader Dredger.jpg

The dredger is equipped with a submersible pump. A long tube is placed in the front section of the water surface equipped with this cutter head. The cutter head brings the sediment from the bottom of the lake to the ground by the principle of rotation.

During dredging, the driver lowered the boom of the dredger to the bottom of the lake.

Then rotate the cutter head to use the teeth to agitate the mud or other deposits at the bottom.

Suction crushed sludge or sediment into the pipeline with strong suction

The sludge and debris are then removed for final disposal.

This method is only suitable for cleaning lakes with relatively low levels of rock and hard debris, because if the lake contains a lot of hard and hard fragments, it will affect the rotation of the cutter head and even destroy the cutter head.

2. Mechanical Dredging Equipment Work Process:

Mechanical Dredging Equipment How Does Dredging A Lake Work - Leader Dredger.jpg

The lake is cleaned using a bucket dredger. The driver controls the arm to excavate the gravel or sediment at the bottom of the lake and then transport it through the transporter for post-processing.

This way can effectively remove large, hard stones in the lake. However, such dredging methods are very inefficient and more expensive.

Leader Dredger can customize Dredging Equipment according to different lake environments to achieve the lowest cost and highest efficiency. And we have professional staff to train the driver.

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