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Lake Dredging

2019-06-03 17:08:54 Jason 6506

Lake Dredging

The lake originally had a certain self-purification ability, which can self-purify the water and keep the water clean.

However, when the water in the lake lacks fluidity, it is easy to cause the water body, especially the bottom water body, to be seriously deprived of oxygen, which greatly inhibits the activity of aerobic microorganisms. The ecological balance that is already very fragile is even more vulnerable.

In the state of hypoxia, anaerobic microorganisms multiply, and anaerobic decomposition of organic matter falling into the bottom of the water produces harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane and ammonia, thereby poisoning the fish and shrimp stocked in the water. Hydrogen sulphide reacts with iron in the water to form iron sulphide to blacken the water. Organic matter that is not decomposed in time is deposited on the bottom of the water to form a black sludge.

This requires use dredging equipment to lake dredging

Reducing the original look of the lake by reducing the black mud and harmful substances in the water by lake dredging

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