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Leader Dredger New Cutter Suction Dredger

2019-11-01 17:15:58 Jason 6509

Leader Dredger New Cutter Suction Dredger

The new dredging vessel can realize the deep excavation depth when the sand dredging operation is completed, and can integrate the advantages of the process of transporting and screening in the water distance.

This new Cutter Suction Dredger dredging equipment can greatly increase the amount of sand dredging and even increase it to more than twice the original output.

In addition, it can also complete the processes of sand mining, screening, separation, etc., and can realize the processing of products at one time, and can directly produce finished products.

In addition to high work efficiency, the new dredger has the characteristics of low cost and convenient operation, which makes it a leading level in the domestic industry.

At present, this new type of sand dredging machine has been widely used in rivers, ponds and abandoned sand fields with wide water surface and abundant underwater sand resources.

Leader Dredger New Cutter Suction Dredger LD3700

-CUMMINS engine (primary and auxiliary)-USA

-WARMAN Pump Technology - Australia

-REXROTH Hydraulic System - Germany


The above parts have a 1-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime support.

Leader Dredger Company Information:

Mainly for international marketing and exporting for the Dredgers,pipeline,construction machinery etc.

Weifang Leader co isThe only Professional Chinese manufacture for the cutter suction dredger production which combine:Design and reserch,Production,export and after sale service.

The Chinese dredge manufacture who has many branch offices in Asia,Russia,Mid-East,Africa countries etc;

The Chinese manufacture who keep the biggest sale anualy for cutter suction dredgers.

Leader dredger,on the march to a world famous brand name,is your ideal choice for dredging machinery!