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Overflow Valve Malfunction - Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods For Cutter Suction Dredgers

2019-11-01 17:18:42 Jason 6128

Overflow Valve Malfunction - Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods For Cutter Suction Dredgers

Second, the failure analysis and troubleshooting of the Overflow valve

(A) Failure phenomenon: Pressure fluctuation

Failure analysis:

1. The spring is bent or too soft.

2. The cone valve is in poor contact with the valve seat.

3. The steel ball and the valve seat are not well sealed.

4. The slide valve is deformed or pulled.

5. The oil is not clean and the orifice is blocked.

Method of exclusion:

1. Replace the spring.

2. If the cone valve is new, remove the adjusting nut and push the guide rod a few times to make it in good contact; or replace the cone valve.

3. Check the roundness of the steel ball, replace the steel ball, and grind the valve seat.

4. Replace or repair the slide valve.

5. Unblock the orifice and replace the cleaning fluid.

(B) Failure phenomenon: Invalid Adjustment

Failure analysis:

1. Spring breaks or leaks.

2. Damping hole blocking.

3. The slide valve is stuck.

4. In and out of the oil port.

5. Cone valve missing.

Method of exclusion:

1. Check, replace or refill the spring.

2. Unblock the orifice.

3. Remove, inspect, trim.

4. Check the direction of the oil source.

5. Inspection and repair.

(C) Failure phenomenon: Serious Leakage

Failure analysis:

1. Poor contact between the cone valve or the steel ball and the valve seat.

2. The clearance between the slide valve and the valve body is too large.

3. The pipe joint is not tightened.

4. Seal damage.

Method of exclusion:

1. Replace the new cone valve or steel ball when the cone valve or steel ball wears.

2. Check the gap between the valve plug and the valve body.

3. Tighten the coupling screws.

4. Check replacement seal.

(D) Failure phenomenon: Noise And Vibration

Failure analysis:

1. The nut is loose.

2. Spring deformation, no recovery.

3. The spool valve is too tight.

4. The main spool valve malfunctions.

5. Cone valve wear.

6. There is air in the oil outlet.

7. The flow exceeds the allowable value.

8. Resonate with other valves.

Method of exclusion:

Fastening nut

2. Check and replace the spring.

3. Repair the slide valve to make it flexible.

4. Check the concentricity of the slide valve and the housing.

5. Change the cone valve.

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