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Pressure reducing valve Malfunction - Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods For Cutter Suction Dredgers

2019-11-01 17:18:43 Jason 3958

Pressure reducing valve Malfunction - Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods For Cutter Suction Dredgers

Failure analysis and troubleshooting of pressure reducing valve

(A) Fault phenomenon: Unstable Pressure Fluctuation

Failure analysis:

1. Mix air into the oil.

2. The orifice is sometimes blocked.

3. The roundness of the slide valve and the valve body exceeds the regulation, so that the valve is stuck.

4. the spring is deformed or stuck in the spool valve, making the slide valve difficult to move or the springToo soft.

5. the steel ball is not round, the steel ball and the valve seat are not well matched or the cone valve is not installed correctly.

Method of exclusion:

1.Eliminate air in oil

2.clear the orifice

3.repair valve hole and slide valve

4.replace the spring

5.replace the steel ball or open the cone valve adjustment

(B) Failure phenomenon: Secondary Pressure Rise Is Not High

Failure analysis:

1. External leakage.

2. The cone valve is in poor contact with the valve seat.

Method of exclusion:

1. Replace the seals, tighten the screws, and ensure the torque is even.

2. Repair or replace.

(C) Failure phenomenon: No Decompression

Failure analysis:

1. The drain port is unreachable; the drain pipe is connected to the oil return pipe and has oil return pressure

2. The main spool is stuck in the fully open position

Method of exclusion:

1. The drain pipe must be separated from the oil return pipe and returned to the fuel tank separately.

2. Repair and replace parts and check oil quality.

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