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What Does Dredging A Lake Mean?

2019-11-01 17:13:25 Jason 7550

What Does Dredging A Lake Mean?

The main purpose of dredging:

The main purpose of dredging - Leader Dredger.jpg

(1)Remove nutrient-rich sediments

(2)Eradicate ingrained plants and debris

(3)Clear selection of areas such as beaches, docks and boating lanes

(4)Restore rainwater retention capacity and increase channel flow

(5)Handling contaminated sediments and wastewater

(6)Reset the life of the water

The benefits of dredging:

(1) Prevent flooding:

Silt, garbage, and sediments gradually accumulate over time as they pass through the water and the bottom of the water. When this happens, the water body becomes shallow and the water level is reduced, and when there are too many plants in the lake, it will not only affect the size of the lake or pond, but even floods.

When the rainy season comes, because the sediment is too much, the lake becomes very small, and a large amount of rainwater will overflow the flood. When the pond is cleaned using dredging equipment, the health of the water in the next few years can be guaranteed.

(2) Prevent blockage and increase channel flow

When a water area is used for industrial or recreational purposes, you need to consider the depth of the water to prevent the bottom of the vessel from being scratched when the water is too shallow.

(3) Protect animals

When the water level of the lake becomes shallow, this will seriously affect the survival of aquatic organisms. Water pollution can cause life-threatening disasters to animals.

(4) Environmental pollution

If the lake is left to be polluted and not effectively cleaned and dredged, the environment of the lake will become very bad. Such as unpleasant smells, unsightly colors, which can make plants near lakes and lakes unable to grow until they wither and eventually become swamps.

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