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What Is A Cutter Suction Dredger?

2019-11-01 17:13:21 Jason 7542

What Is A Cutter Suction Dredger?

Cutter suction dredger: 

In China, we are the earliest company in the international trade industry. Our main products are cutter suction dredgers. Secondly, we also manufacture polyethylene pipes, rubber pipes and floats for cutter suction dredgers. We have our own products, equipment, parts and so on, which is our greatest advantage. Production factories have unique style of designers, strong thinking researchers, dedicated producers, exporters responsible for dealing with customers, after-sales service staff. What we achieve is a chain-like service guarantee, so that you can choose a reassuring product. Our company is the largest manufacturer of CSD in China, with branches in many countries and regions. 

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Cutter suction dredger, hearing the word "dredging", we will immediately associate with dredger, dredger is a kind of machine that can dig any soil, stone and many other objects. The difference between dredger is that it can travel freely on water and work very conveniently. Cutter suction dredger is a kind of high efficiency and low cost dredger, which is called underwater excavator. The hull is very long because it is made up of the length of the hull and the length of the hanging suction rack. It looks like a long dragon swimming in the water. 

cutter suction dredger, cutter, is a very sharp parts can cut obstacles, suction, that is, can use the cutter to suck things away, play a cleaning role. Literally, it's almost the same. Then we'll go deeper. The cutter suction dredger has a rotating cutter. It cuts the soil at the bottom of the river or the seabed, mixes water and mud into mud, sucks mud into the pump body of the ship through the suction pipe, and then runs through the sludge drain pipe later. To the sludge discharge area. This is the working state of cutter suction dredger.    


Another characteristic of cutter suction dredger construction is that dredging, transportation and unloading of mud are a process, Large cutter suction dredger with self-propelled system. It can be self-propelled when dispatching. Small and medium-sized dredgers are mostly self-propelled systems, which are towed by tugboats. This cutter suction dredger has high production efficiency and wide application. It is more suitable for digging sand loam, silt and other soil quality, and it is convenient to use. Cutter suction dredger is suitable for working in natural environment with small wind and waves, and dredging in inland lakes and coastal ports with low flow velocity can also operate normally.

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The cutter suction dredger is economical. The excavation and transportation of dredged materials can be completed in one time, without the need for other ships to cooperate and carry them several times. Relative engineering costs are lower.

The intrinsic safety requirements of the cutter suction dredger are required to be sufficient from the design and development stage of the cutter suction dredger to the entire life cycle of use, transportation, installation, commissioning, maintenance and even the demolition phase. Consider its safety and precautions. This is a product safety regulation and design idea established by the company for the sock suction dredger product called “Advanced Safety Protection Level”.

The cutter suction dredgers manufactured according to these safety regulations and design ideas are manufactured by layered fortification. Safety quality has risen to new levels of technology.

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