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Charity Events

Leader Dredger is a professional manufacturer of dredger equipment. We take the protection of the interests of customers and employees as the company’s primary goal, and always pay attention to customer after-sales service issues and employees’ safety production issues.

The company’s departments include:

  • Dredger business department,
  • Traditional Etiquette Propaganda Department,
  • World Public Welfare Department

Leader Dredger carries out a large number of public Charity Events around the world every year to give back to the society.

“Solve hunger problems, accommodation problems, and learning problems for children.”

“Solve the problem of diseases for women, provide opportunities to learn textile skills, and donate textile machinery.”

In this way can these women solve the problem of hunger and employment with their own hands.

Leader Dredger has philanthropy in Africa and in philanthropy in many countries, including Cambodia. Donate some goods to people living in poverty-stricken areas. It has also established a stable cooperative relationship with local charities in Africa (SWAYA).

We created some free cooking classes for the locals and they enjoyed it. We hope that we can provide these free industry courses to the public in an effective and positive way. After some courses, locals will be able to open their own stores or restaurants. As a Chinese proverb says, teaching a person to fish is better than giving a mermaid. Locals can use the skills they have learned to better change their lives.

We also teach them to use clothes from China to make clothes so that they can get financial resources by selling their own clothes. Change your living environment through your own efforts.

In Africa, school bags, pencils and textbooks were sent to the children. I wish them healthy growth and study hard. Leader Dredger plays games and tells stories with the kids. The children are very happy and share happiness with us.

In Cambodia, we sent Chinese gifts and money to local orphanages. Let’s discuss learning problems together, play games together, do manual work together, and enjoy 7 days of enjoyment. Finally, we took photos together as a commemoration. And tell them to study hard, looking forward to seeing these little angels again next time.

In China, Leader Dredger has established a charity department. They go to the nursing home to visit the elderly, go to the orphanage to take care of the children, help families with financial difficulties, get through the storm and so on.
Leader Dredger insists on charity because we always believe that “everyone is very kind.” We use our efforts to make more people feel warm. Help us those who need help by doing our best to change more people.
In terms of business, Leader Dredger also adheres to this company philosophy, and integrity management can make our business better.
Leader Dredger is committed to helping each other and making the world a better place.