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Dredging Video

Leader Dredger has charitable projects in China, Africa, Southeast Asia and many other countries. This is the social responsibility of a multinational company.

About Leader Dredger Factory Introduction

Cutter Suction Dredger Production Workshop

Leader Dredger Company is the only Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of cutter suction dredgers. The product integrates design and research, production, export and after-sales service.

Introduction To Leader Dredger's Business Scope

Leader Dredger is a manufacturer and supplier of dredgers and their ancillary equipment and accessories. Cutter suction dredgers are our best-selling products. Watch the video to learn about the business scope of Leader Dredger.

About Leader Dredger Prodcuts Introduction

Cutter suction dredger LD8500 (32inch)

At LEADER DREDGER, We pay attention to what customers care about, so our dredger products guarantee low maintenance rates, are committed to maintaining safety and environmental awareness, comfortable and humanized design.

Cutter suction dredger LD5500 (22"\24")

Customers who rely on our cutter suction dredgers can gain more advantages than just buying the right dredger. Leader Dredger solves all your problems one-on-one, including product selection, training instructions, parts replacement, etc.,

Cutter suction dredger LD4500 (22"\20")

This video takes you to know all about the cutter suction dredger LD4500 (22"\20"), from entering the factory, to the appearance of the dredger, the cab, the hydraulic system of the dredger, the dredge pump, and the test of the cutter head , Dredging effect, comfortable cabin environment and so on a series of full-scale products,

Cutter suction dredger LD3700 (18"\16")

Leader dredger LD3700 Dredging sand in river. Leader Dredger supply high quality dredges for all customer. We are experts in sand mining dredge & gravel dredging.

Cutter suction dredger LD1200 (14"\12")

Hydraulic pumps drive cutter, winches spud rams; Main engine drives pump through gearbox; pump inside engineroom; Design of high production long distance and reliability, easy control, simple maintenance

Cutter suction dredger LD1000 (12"\10")

1. The dredger is famous for its sturdy structure, reliable operation and excellent performance. 2. Can be customized design, short delivery time. 3. Highly portable, can be transported to inland areas by truck

Cutter suction dredger LD800 (10"\8")

The LD800 cutter suction dredger is the most suitable dredging tool among small environmental dredgers for silt and small stones in the water. The cutter suction dredger can effectively remove the mud in the water.

About Dredger Production Process

Dredger Production Process

To learn about Leader Dredger production process.

To learn about dredger inspection process

Every dredger is inspected and tested repeatedly in the factory before it comes out. Leader Dredger is a professional manufacturer and reliable service provider of various dredging equipment and accessories.

Cutter suction dredger is being produced in the workshop

Leader Dredger filmed the production environment of cutter suction dredger on the spot. Workers are producing cutter suction dredger in the production workshop.

To learn about cutter suction dredger cutter head testing

The selection of the cutter head is very important for the dredger, and different cutter heads can cope with different construction scenarios. Only the correct cutter head and strong power can better complete the dredging work

About Leader Dredger's charity activities

Leader Dredger's public welfare department

Chinese dredger manufacturer Leader Dredger not only focuses on the dredger industry, but also is passionate about public welfare and has established a special public welfare department. Participate in public welfare activities for more than ten years, organize and participate in hundreds of public welfare activities.