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The dredger contractor generally hires professional crew to operate the dredger. Leader Dredger as a global leader in custom dredgers, we provide rich and professional training programs. Our training courses are tailored to the type of dredger equipment that the driver needs to operate and the needs of consumers.

The personnel who need to participate in the training are: operators, maintenance personnel and supervisors. We offer to dispatch our technical staff to your construction site for on-site guidance. We are not in favor of using the dredger simulator for training, because that is just a simulator, all operations are simulated, it is just a computer, there will be many situations in the actual operation that the simulator cannot simulate . If we can learn how to drive with a single simulator, we can directly consider using a robot to drive a dredger.

Our training content includes:
Operator's specification operation manual
Dredger safety training
Sand dredger maintenance

At the same time, we provide troubleshooting guidance for sand dredgers:

Hydraulic system diagnosis
Composition of electrical diagram
Check the equipment and correct the correct operation steps

Professional and attentive service is summarized by Leader Dredger through years of sales experience.