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Cutter Suction Dredger Operating System

In the control system of Leader Dredger cutter suction dredger, multiple technologies such as frequency conversion and electronics are introduced, and different selection equipment is used to achieve efficient operation
functions. In the development of the dredging industry, more attention is paid to the application of cutter suction dredgers. This type of dredger is widely used and provides high-performance and multi-functional applications. In the cutter suction
dredger, the more important thing is the research of the control system. The purpose is to improve the stability of the dredger operation and reflect the role of each component of the control system.

The working principle of the cutter suction dredger

The working principle of the cutter suction dredger: In the structure of the cutter suction dredger, the front end of the cutter frame is equipped with a cutter tool, which is specially used to break the mud and rock in the river and the bottom of
the water, so as to promote the solid mud and rock to be converted into a mud-water mixture, or a mud-water mixture. If the state exists, the cutter suction dredger starts the centrifugal mud pump, absorbs the mud at the bottom of the water through
the suction head at the front of the cutter frame, and then introduces the mud into the internal pipe of the dredger, using the mud pump + mud drain pipe , Lead to the specified discharge location to realize the cutter suction dredging process.
Under normal circumstances, after the cutter suction dredger is in place on the job site, it is necessary to adopt the method of steel pile positioning and horizontal digging, fix the dredger, and use the main Positioning piles, control the rotation
of the hull, the cutter can be in the range of the digging width, left and right, Horizontal swing to achieve layered dredging.

The basic structure of the cutter suction dredger: most of the cutter suction dredge is non-self-propelled. It uses positioning piles and anchor cables to complete the positioning and moving operations to form the trajectory of the dredging. The cutter
suction dredger It connects the process of mud, transportation and unloading as a whole, and can be completed in a one-time state, thereby realizing repeated and continuous dredging work. The hull of the cutter suction dredger is rectangular,
and the stern is equipped Slotting, that is, the front end position, the cutter frame is installed inside for cutter suction dredging.

Cutter suction dredger control system composition

The goal pursued by environmentally-friendly dredges is to protect the atmosphere, water bodies, people, and soil as the starting point, with the pursuit of minimal impact on the environment and minimal interference to the comfortable environment
of ship operators and surrounding residents. Leader Dredger requirements for dredge production technology

1. Cutter suciton dredger cutter cutting system:

The cutter cutting system is the core of the cutter suction dredger’s control system. The cutter provides cutting force, separates the bottom mud and rocks, and mixes them into the surrounding water. In the reamer cutting system, the reamer is the
most basic structure and the part that provides strength in cutting. The reamer consists of four parts: the big ring, the knife arm, the knife edge, and the hub. The knife arm structure connects the big ring and the knife arm to form a whole,
and the knife edge is welded on the knife arm to connect the wheel load, The reamer device transmits torque and force through wheel damage. The reamer structure is different, the reamer cutting system is divided into different types, such as:
open ream Speed and efficiency.

2. Cutter suciton dredger positioning system:

The positioning pile is designed at the stern of the dredger, and a trolley is set in the positioning pile, and each positioning pile is equipped with an oil cylinder for lifting. Positioning piles have certain requirements for strength, which are
basically composed of steel plate coil welding, and the thickness of the steel plate can be designed according to the actual situation.

When the positioning pile is lifted, the hydraulic cylinder provides power, the cylinder is hinged with the trolley, and the top is connected by a wire rope to realize the connection of the guide wheel. When the column and the steel column descend,
their own weight drives the cylinder plunger to extend back, and a wire rope is added to the steel column to facilitate the lifting and lowering of the steel column.

3. Cutter suciton dredger mud conveying system:

The mud conveying part of the cutter suction dredger control system is composed of a suction pipe system and a mud blowing pipe system. The suction pipe extends the suction pipe between the underwater pumps and is installed on the bridge position,
and also includes a vacuum release valve of the underwater pump. The mud blowing pipe includes the mud pipe on the bridge frame, and a flexible rubber hose is installed at the position of the hinge support, which is matched with the inlet pipe,
the mud blowing pipe system of the main deck, and a joint device that supports the rotation of the elbow. The mud conveying system can transport the dredged mud by the dredger to the designated location and transport the mud away from the bottom
of the water.

4. Cutter suciton dredger drive control system:

During the cutting process of the reamer, a drive system is needed to provide cutting power. The drive control system provides driving power during the working process of the cutter suction dredger.

Common drive systems are:

  • (1) Hydraulic motor drive, using gear coupling to connect the gearbox and reamer, the hydraulic motor drive can provide a speed of 15~-25rmin, during the period, the gearbox must be used to reduce the speed to ensure the safety of the reamer
  • (2) Motor drive, which is a relatively common drive system. It uses the reamer gear box to connect the reamer motor to drive the reamer movement. In the electric drive design, the needs of underwater operations need to be considered to improve
    the edge and airtightness.

In a cutter suction dredger, the choice of drive control system should consider the relationship between average load and peak load. There is a certain expected relationship between the two. On this basis, the available drive control system can be
accurately configured to promote the cutter suction dredger. The overall power of the dredger can be flexibly changed according to the driving control mode.

Cutter suction dredger system control

Cutter suction dredger host computer control system

The host computer system can send commands in the cutter suction dredger control system to play a monitoring role. The upper computer cooperates with the software to optimize the control interface of the system, and the PLC upper computer system can
send instructions in the cutter suction dredger control system to play a monitoring role.

The upper computer cooperates with the software to optimize the control interface of the system, complete the communication transmission in the PLC sub-station, and promote the communication and transmission to have an informatization effect.

The software in the host computer has the characteristics of automatic monitoring and adopts more advanced configuration software to ensure the accuracy of the dredger’s communication control. In the host computer system control, you can observe the
indication status of the PLC, and the system will automatically display whether it can be connected to the PLC system. This type of system control method can be used in the inspection and maintenance of the host computer system. The most important
thing is to improve the communication control of the dredger. s efficiency.

When there is an error in the communication interface of the cutter dredger, a calibration page is set in the control interface of the host computer system, which is specifically used to calibrate the error information in the dredger, check the fault
of the control dredger, improve the efficiency of detection, and prompt The upper computer system control of the dredger can quickly return to normal state.

Cutter suction dredger lower computer control system

The lower computer system is used to receive the information sent by the upper computer and is composed of PLC. Based on the PLC control system of the lower computer, the core structure is the PLC control cabinet, which is connected with the left
console and the right console to receive control information and execute control commands.

The left console includes:

  • 1. Left-hand windlass side longitudinal console,
  • 2. Move the console next to the machine to the left,
  • 3. The console beside the bridge machine,
  • 4. Motors of various agencies.

The right console includes:

  • 1. The control panel next to the windlass on the right,
  • 2. The right side of the machine side console,
  • 3. The console next to the cutter machine,
  • 4. Frequency conversion cabinets of various structures,

Because the cutter suction dredger uses a frequency conversion control system, connects to a PLC control cabinet, receives instructions from the dredger’s cab, and adjusts the drive mode of the frequency converter to meet the needs of the dredger’s
operating conditions.

The PLC control system is the core of the lower computer system. It not only receives the communication instructions of the cutter suction dredger, but also controls the operation status of the dredger.

The structure of the control system in the cutter suction dredger greatly improves the efficiency of dredging operations, while ensuring the flexible operation of the dredger to avoid affecting the effectiveness of dredging operations.

The cutter suction dredger produced by Leader Dredger actively designs the control system, improves the control of the upper computer and the lower computer system, and provides effective support for the control system, so as not to affect the operating efficiency of the cutter suction dredger.

The design and application of a reasonable control system can improve the working mode of the cutter suction dredger and develop in the direction of high efficiency and high quality.