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Types Of Dredgers - Chain Bucket Dredger - Leader Dredger
The chain bucket dredger is suitable for construction under complex soil quality. It has the advantages of strong digging ability and good river bottom flatness after dredging. With the continuous improvement of the dredging device of the chain bucket dredger, it is becoming more and more reasonable and perfect, thereby improving the dredging ability, and giving full play to its continuous operation in the operation, so it is very popular.

The chain bucket dredger is to use a series of bucket chains with buckets, driven by the upper guide wheel, to make it contact with the dredged soil layer. Then drive the bucket chain continuously under the drive of the upper guide wheel to drive the bucket mud on the bucket chain, dig the mud and load it, then lift it out of the water surface with the rotation of the bucket chain, and transfer it to the top of the tower, after the upper guide wheel changes direction The sand in the bucket is poured into the mud well in the bucket under its own gravity. Finally, the sediment was discharged out of the chain bucket dredger through the chute on both sides. Unload the mud barge docked next to the chain bucket dredger, and then use the service ship to drag the mud barge to the unloading area.

The bucket bucket dredger has a strong adaptability to soil quality, and can dig various kinds of soil except rocks, and has deep digging ability, regular trenching section, and minimal error. It is suitable for port berths, hydraulic structures and other specifications It is a more demanding project construction.

However, the cooperation of the transport ship is required to transfer the gravel to the target location.

Suitable for harder riverbeds
Need matching transport ship
Excavation and dredging of rivers and lakes, taking stones and minerals at the bottom of river beds
Chain Bucket Dredger Advantages:
It has the advantages of strong digging ability and good river bottom flatness after dredging
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