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Types Of Dredgers - Gold Dredger - Leader Dredger
Gold dredger is a kind of mechanical equipment for panning gold sand gold mines in rivers or shallow seas. Gold dredger is a deformed product of a chain bucket dredger. By raising the sand outlet of the sand dredger, enough space is reserved Equipped with ore dressing equipment for selecting sand gold from sand.

The excavation system digs the river sand from the underwater river bed, and then enters the screening system for screening. Stones larger than the set size enter the tailings trough, and are discharged from the tailings discharge system to a place away from the gold digger to ensure The gold digging ship can work continuously without being silted up. The material smaller than the set size enters the gold panning system from the diversion tank to separate the sand. According to the difference between the specific gravity of sand and gold, the gold with a large specific gravity settles at the bottom of the slurry, and the sand and other materials with a small specific gravity float on the upper layer of the slurry and are discharged to the tailings with the water flow Discharge system.

The chain bucket type gold digging ship is suitable for extracting the placer gold deposits with high clay content, low gravel and boulder content in the river channel.

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