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Bulldozer For Sale - Leader Dredger
Billdozer For Sale
Product Description

1. Equipped with Cummins NT(A)855-C280S10 diesel engine manufactured by Cummins (Chongqing) Co.,Ltd.,China

2. Straight blade.

Dredger Site Equipment Bulldozer For Sale - Leader Dredger
Bulldozer - Leader Dredger
Technical Parameters
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Leader DredgerFTY140-1FTY165-2

Main Specifications

Type of Shovel BladeAngle shovel/straight tilting shovelStraight tilting shovel/U-shovel
Operating Weight (kg)16600/1650017600/17700
Ground pressure(KPa)63.3/62.968.2/68.5
Center Distance of Crawler(mm)18801880
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm)400352.5
Slope Climbing Performance(º)30/2530/25
Shovel Blade Capacity(m3)4.0/4.55/7.4
Shovel Blade Width(mm)3762/32973297/4240
Maximum Digging Depth(mm)400420/377
External Dimension(mm)5486*3762*2842/ 5336*3297*28425416*3297*3160


Fly Wheel Power(KW)104121
Rated Speed(rpm)18001850
Maximum Torque( N·m/rpm)780/1200830/1000-12000

Hydraulic System

Maximum System Pressure(Mpa)11.7612
System Flow(L/min)180185

Travel System

ModelSprayed beam, semi-rigidSprayed beam, semi-rigid
Width of Track Shoe(mm)500500
Forward Gear(Km/h)2.52-10.61 Five gears, 2.52-10.613.32-11.40 Three gears,3.32-11.40

Driving System

Torque converterNormally open type, wet, hydraulic power operationSingle stage single phase tri-element
Steering clutchWet type, hydraulic disengagementPlanetary gearing, power shift
Braking clutchWet type, pedal mechanical operationWet type, pedal mechanical operation
Final driveTwo-stage spur gear decelerationTwo-stage spur gear deceleration

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Application: Siltation Dredging
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Submersible Pump Cutter Suction Dredger LD4500SP

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Dredging depth (m) 16
Main engine power (kw) 1350
Auxiliary engine power (kw) 465
Pipe diameter (mm) 650


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