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Research And Decelopment

Our philosophy is to build the most suitable dredger for customers and tailor the most suitable products for customers. We always focus on learning new technologies in the world industry and applying them to our products. Proven new technologies will bring great improvements to the products. In addition, we focus on communicating with customers. Experienced customers often listen to us with very valuable design suggestions and ideas, which are very important for us to improve our products. In addition, we also continuously improve the product design and production process through the feedback of products that have been running for many years. It is our advantage to provide customers with customized and most suitable products.

Leader Dredger R&D - Leader Dredger
Leader Dredger R&D
Our own technical team of more than 70 people has currently designed more than 100 dredgers of various types, which can carry out overall design and production design.
Design Concept - Leader Dredger
Design Concept
Design a new generation of more intelligent dredgers.
Through technical means to reduce the operation difficulty, improve the output and production efficiency, reduce the failure rate, this is fully in line with the future development trend of dredger.
The Technical Cooperation - Leader Dredger
The Technical Cooperation
We cooperate with domestic leading scientific research institutions, cooperate with professional disciplines in universities, cooperate with professional design institutions in the industry, and cooperate with the technical team of manufacturers of key components, aiming to design reliable products with reasonable structure and excellent performance at the design stage .
Technology Innovation - Leader Dredger
Technology Innovation
We have always believed that only technological innovation, the continuous application of new technologies on dredgers, to make more intelligent ships is the future trend.
Production Research - Leader Dredger
Production Research
We have complete production design capabilities, which is the basis for achieving reliable and high quality products
Intelligent Research - Leader Dredger
Intelligent Research
Electricization and intellectualization have been fully verified and practiced on the ship, and the scheme is relatively mature at present.
It is also very meaningful to apply intelligence to the small dredger, which can assist the crew to greatly improve output and efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and reduce the occurrence of faults.