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Dredge-After-Sale Service

One-to-one solution to all your problems, including product selection, training instructions, parts replacement, etc., combined with your application details and application of our engineering expertise, we can allow you to personally participate in all aspects of construction-from Regarding the choices in manufacturing, delivery, training and maintenance, we can do more and establish a long-term, stable and mutually beneficial relationship with you. We abide by our promises. A strong design and development team and after-sales service make you more assured. The products designed by Leader Dredger will bring value to customers. Our design, customization, quality, value and resale value are the most professional combination.

We have produced various dredging equipment, and we have achieved great success in the dredging equipment manufacturing industry.

Our dredgers are mainly used for: "reclamation and island construction, port construction, channel widening, dredging, environmental management, flood control, etc."

We will record all the detailed information of the completed projects, on-site inspections, such as dredging materials, flow length, depth, point height, engine and pump preferences and any other accurate related information to ensure that the subsequent after-sales service can be accurate and fast.

Pre-sale project consultation:

To work with you to have a deeper understanding of your project conditions, and to record your project conditions, such as: total project period, capacity required per hour, dredging depth, discharge distance, soil analysis report-Dredge Purchasing Process

Design and solution suggestions:

After understanding your construction project, our sales staff will provide you with a list of dredger configurations that are more suitable for you.

Leader Dredger prefers to recommend tailor-made dredgers to customers. We have a wealth of design experience in custom-made dredgers for customers. We prefer to see customers use customized dredgers to easily complete construction projects instead of using one A conventional dredger without design or thought.
The main purpose of the customized dredger is to reduce unnecessary equipment and equip the most matching engine power to reduce the development cost of the dredger. At the same time, it is also to improve the adaptability and portability of the dredger for other projects through the design plan. Transport capacity.

On-site installation guidance:

When the dredger is completed, we will notify the customer after a comprehensive inspection in the factory, ready for shipment.
Leader Dredger's installation instructors and sales managers will take the plane to reach the customer's city in the shortest time.
Provide installation guidance and installation supervision to the installer in the customer’s city to ensure that no safety issues or failure of the dredger due to incorrect installation will occur during the installation process

On-site and remote training:

After the dredger is installed, it will also provide your operating technicians with many different and flexible training programs, so that they can use their skills, preventive measures and routine maintenance tasks in a short period of time to provide operators with value Transfer of skills. They can start dredging work quickly. If you have any questions in the later period, our powerful after-sales service system will solve it for you in the first time.

Long-term accessory support:

a. We guarantee that the free warranty period for fast-wearing parts and non-human damage parts is 1 year. Including all hydraulic parts and all electrical parts.

b. One year later, spare parts will be provided at cost price. Like engines and gearboxes, there are after-sales services locally. We will first determine the problem and contact their personnel to save time for resolution

C. Lifetime free consulting service, after-sales service, operation guidance

Whole process consulting service and other customer life cycle support:

We are responsible for protecting the warranty procedures and conditions for our customers. After delivery, each customer will participate in our warranty process.

Leader Dredger will provide experts for each project to ensure that all systems and equipment components provided are final designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to the customer's operational requirements. Professionals will carry out precise testing and operation for you, and after repeated debugging, the equipment can be put into use, so that you can use it easily and comfortably.