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Enveironment Remediaton - Leader Dredger

Environmental dredging is to remove pollutants in the water and return the water to a pollution-free state. This is done to protect the environment and improve it. If river ponds, ponds or other waters cannot be cleaned regularly, the pollutants in the water will emit an unpleasant smell. Weeds will grow in water. The color of the water will turn green, even worse. foul smell.

These gases are harmful to the human body. All living things in the water will die, and the surrounding animals will leave the place of survival.

If there are many weeds in the water, you can choose a professional weed dredger, which can effectively remove the weeds in the water. So Environmental dredging becomes very important

Swamp and wetland restoration:
Why pay attention to Marsh And Wetland Restoration Project
A good wetland environment is conducive to the growth of wildlife and plants

Wetlands provide us with the most basic services:
Alleviate flooding
Provide water in drought
Prevent soil erosion
Can even help us mitigate climate change

Due to agriculture, urbanization, human development and industrial activities, more than 80% of the wetland has lost and degraded its actual value.
Wetland response is a long and difficult process, so Marsh And Wetland Restoration Project is the biggest problem we need to face

Restoration projects include the restoration of contaminated swamps and wetlands to their natural state. Dredging and restoration projects can protect the richness of wildlife and the impact of sea level rise.