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Install & Test Guide

a. Get the assembly site ready before the goods arrive
b. Site assembly location needs to be considered where launching the dredger
c. Contact the crane, start with two, later is enough
d. After installation, add engine oil, hydraulic oil, diesel
e. The electric system and hydraulic system need to be debugged first
f. Hydraulic system with the emergency system for testing, auxiliary engine temporarily do not start
g. Spud pillars and anchors are not installed first
h. Contact the launch dredger company
i. Better get in the water with an air bag
j. After launching to river, install positioning piles and anchors
k. Start and test the auxiliary engine first
l. Use auxiliary engine for whole system adjustment
m. Electric system, hydraulic system, water cooling system whole flow regulation
n. Start main engine, pump water test
o. Fully test whole system
p. Preliminary test completed