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Types Of Dredgers - Portable Dredge - Leader Dredger

This is a very convenient small dredging equipment. The pump is directly fixed by the winch and the winch is controlled to change the depth of the pump underwater, so it can be dug very deep. Because of no suction, the concentration is very high, and the output is also very optimistic, but the row spacing is slightly closer, so it is only suitable for small dredging projects. Because Portable dredger is not equipped with reamer equipment, it is more suitable for relatively soft riverbeds.

Portable dredger is very small because it does not have many devices, which is very convenient for transportation and the overall cost of portable dredger is relatively low.

Seabed leveling and small construction projects are the most ideal construction environment for Portable dredger, because if the seabed is not level, the pump cannot be placed completely in the mud, which will reduce efficiency and increase costs.

Digging depth: 3-60m
Ponds, lakes, and rivers with flat riverbeds
Portable Dredger Advantages:
Low cost and easy transportation
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