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The main product of Leader Dredger is the sale of dredgers. After more than 20 years of production experience and customer feedback, we continue to improve the performance of our products to ensure that the dredgers produced by Leader Dredger are always equipped with advanced technology.

"Low cost, high efficiency, durability, fuel economy, excellent design, 7x24 hours after-sales service are the labels given to us by our customers."

Our goal is to create a fully ecological, simple and convenient dredger procurement process for our customers. On the "Dredge Purchasing Process" page, we will help customers who have no purchasing experience understand the entire process of purchasing a dredger. And we will show our customers the accessory products of the dredger, and provide customers with one-stop full ecological equipment procurement.

We prefer tailor-made dredgers for customers, because only custom dredges can give full play to their full power. We will design the dredger according to the actual working conditions of the project, and adjust the hull length and cutter Power, dredging depth, discharge distance, hardness of bottom sediments, etc. are analyzed to ensure an excellent match between the dredger and the engine power, and rigorous calculation of the power system is performed to reduce operating costs.