Intelligent Technology Of Dredger

Intelligent Technology Of Dredger

As a new generation of manufacturing technology, the intelligent technology of dredgers provides a new form of realization for the realization of refined design, refined production, and lean management during the manufacturing of dredgers. It is useful for achieving lean shipbuilding projects, improving labor production efficiency, reducing costs and Resource utilization and improving product quality are of great significance.

The focus of solving the problem is to shorten the product design and development cycle and establish a unified data source for the intelligent manufacturing of dredgers. The purpose is to shorten the product design cycle and form a product design model that serves production and supports intelligent manufacturing.

1. Intelligent control system of cutter suction dredger

To design an automatic control system for a dredger, the first task is to define the control range and clarify the control object, and deeply understand the control characteristics of the control object. The cutter suction vessel has many engineering construction equipment, and the automatic control system controls most of the equipment. There are nine control objects:

  • 1. Traverse winch,
  • 2. Broken down winch.
  • 3. Submerged pump and its driving equipment.
  • 4. The pump and its driving equipment in the cabin.
  • 5. Reamer head and its driving equipment.
  • 6. Piping system and gate valve.
  • 7. Reamer bridge and winch.
  • 8.Hydraulic system.
  • 9. Diesel engine.

The intelligent control system monitors and controls various working parameters of these devices, such as speed, pressure, temperature, vacuum, and movement posture. The control system realizes linkage and interlocking, start and stop conditions and other control logic.

Intelligent technology of dredger – safety

In the design of automatic control system, especially the intelligent system of dredger, the first principle is safety. It has been designed with three priority control modes to avoid wrong operation, that is, on-site control, remote control, and automatic control, with the priority descending sequentially.

In software design, it is designed with some hierarchical models, such as user interface layer, logic implementation layer, and drive layer. Each level is introverted, has its own specific function, and also exchanges information with other levels. All control logics, such as linkage and interlock, are implemented in the PLC. The parameters and transfer methods between PLC and PC are carefully designed to ensure that PLC can perform basic control functions when the upper computer system fails.

2.Cutter Suction dredger Electrification System

In order to replace manual direct management and control, and improve the efficiency and benefits of ship transportation, the electrical automation of dredgers integrates computer technology, signal processing technology and automatic control technology through automation devices, using wired network technology, field bus technology or Ethernet network technology performs mechanized and standardized operation, control, and monitoring of ship transportation, which can reduce operating errors, reduce manual labor intensity, and reduce labor costs. Not only that, the electrical automation technology of the dredger can also detect and deal with the abnormal situation in the dredger in a timely manner, thereby fundamentally improving the efficiency of the dredger.

Automatic monitoring and alarm technology for engine room

Airport automatic monitoring and alarm technology is one of the indispensable technologies for electrical automation of dredgers. It can accurately replace the on-duty engineer to patrol and monitor the operating parameters of the engine room power station, auxiliary machinery and main engine, and print, display, automatically record and alarm.

In order to achieve the requirements for the integration and automation of dredgers, the automatic monitoring and alarming technology of the engine room will also fully apply the DSC automatic monitoring system in the future, organically combining computer, communication and control technology to uniformly manage the intelligence data collected by the monitoring system, and carry out Distribution display early warning; automatic detection, prediction, diagnosis and troubleshooting, play an important role in the electrical automation of the dredger.