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Dredge Manufacturers 3D - Leader Dredger
TYPE Dual pump cutter suction dredger
APPLICATION Capital mining and maintenance dredging
MIXTURE CAPACITY 6000-8500m3/h
SOLID CAPACITY 1800-2550m3/h


Double pump design provides stronger suction.
Cummins/Caterpillar heavy-duty engine, providing stable power.
The cockpit has a larger field of view, which improves the driver’s control of the dredger.
Integrated control system to improve the efficiency and safety of the dredger.
The dredger is easy to operate and provides driver training.
7x24 hours after-sales service.


dual pump cutter suction dredger
Capital mining and maintenance dredging
Dredging Features
Standard dredging depth(m)
MAX 25m
Mixture capacity
Solid capacity
Discharge distance
MAX 5500mm
Suction/Discharge pipe dia
Principal characteristics
Overall length
Ponton height
Total dry weight approx
Ladder length
Total fuel consumption
Extra emergency generator set
Because the discharge distance and the hardness of the soil are different, So it needs to be customized according to the actual working conditions
Dredge pump
Australia technology Pump
Maximum mixture capacity(m/h)
Solid capacity(approx)
By alloy cast iron material for better abrasion abrasive, hardness, more than68HRC. Bigger more efficiency, driven through gea rbox.
Power at shaft
Rotation speed
Ladder winch
Swing winches
All winches driven by independent hydraulic system.
Deck crane
Utting weight
2* 5MT
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Cutter Suction Dredge Manufacturers - Leader Dredger
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Dual Pump Dredge Manufacturers - Leader Dredger

Dual Pump Dredger Accessories Introduction LD8500DP

Dredger Manufacturers 3D - Leader Dredger
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Hydraculic System

Leader Dredger's hydraulic system is distributed throughout the dredger and is the core control system of the entire ship. The hydraulic system is a systematic project, with strong professionalism and comprehensiveness.

The main hydraulic components are: driving the reamer, driving the bridge up and down, controlling the ship to swing left and right through the traverse winch, and controlling the positioning pile up and down through the positioning pile cylinder. In addition, the trolley and the running anchor are also driven by the hydraulic system.

The advantages of the hydraulic system include: light weight per unit of power, small inertia, fast response speed, and easy start and stop. The working medium of the hydraulic system has a certain elastic shock absorption capacity, which can make the hydraulic transmission system operate stably and reliably. These advantages just meet the working requirements of the working mechanism of cutter suction dredger. Judging from the current mainstream design, hydraulic transmission is the main transmission method adopted by the dredger dredging equipment.

Dredging System

The dredging system is divided into a control system and a monitoring system, which is a highly integrated system.

Through the monitoring system, you can understand the working status of all components of the whole ship, the working status of the main and auxiliary engines, the real-time status of the hydraulic system, the condition of the electrical circuit system, the running status of the pump, the working status of the gear box, the cooling system, etc.

At the same time, the centralized control unit controls the working parts of the dredger in real time through the operation lever and the like. One person can operate the parts of the entire ship.

Electric System

The electrical system of the dredger consists of a main generator set, a backup generator set, an electrical cabinet, a charger and an operating console.

In order to improve the power supply efficiency of the dredging machine power station and ensure the safety, stability, balance and continuous power supply of the entire ship, the dredging machine power station is equipped with a power management system for the entire ship’s electricity. The system is designed for fully automatic management according to requirements.

(1) Separate the main high-power equipment from the ship’s sensitive equipment, such as generators, transformers, frequency converters and motors.

(2) Take isolation and filtering measures for the auxiliary power supply used by the electric propulsion system equipment to avoid using the same power supply with sensitive electronic equipment.

(3) The power generation equipment on the ship, the motor base and shell, the switch cabinet shell, the exposed metal lighting, the metal appearance and shielding layer of all cables, etc. should be grounded, and the metal grounding conductor should be connected to the hull to obtain the smallest ground resistance . The goal

Feature of electrical system

(1) Good economic benefits.
(2) High reliability, high degree of automation and good operability.
(3) Low noise and low vibration.
(4) Wide speed range, large driving force, easy forward and reverse rotation, small size, flexible layout and convenient installation.

Optional Items


Trolley system

Anchor rod system

Flowmeter, concentration meter

Relay pump

Service boat

Dredger Spud

The dredger spuds is the most vulnerable structural component on dredging equipment. One end of it is inserted into the sand and the other end is in the clamp at the rear of the dredger. It mainly plays the role of fixing and pushing the dredger forward. The dredger spuds system is composed of the main spud, auxiliary spud and hydraulic lifting mechanism.

Feature of dredger spuds

1. The dredger has high positioning accuracy, and the dredging equipment is not easy to move during construction
2. Occupies less water area and can be constructed under more complicated working conditions
3. The trolley can provide forward digging force and can excavate harder soil
4. Can work continuously
5. High construction efficiency
6. Easy disassembly and assembly

Dredger Engine Room

Leader Dredger designed the dredger cockpit as an integrated detachable dredger. After disassembly, the maximum height of the dredger can be reduced, thereby improving the trafficability of the entire ship.

The connecting pipes and connecting lines between the dredge cab and the engine room and deck are designed for easy disassembly and assembly of joints to ensure that the dredger can easily disassemble and install the entire cab when passing through a low bridge tunnel. Improve sparse dr. Practicality of the boat

Leader Dredger equips the cab with a larger tempered glass area, which is convenient for the driver to observe the surroundings while driving the dredger

The dredger cab is equipped with diesel engine controller, suction pump pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, hydraulic equipment pressure gauge, etc., which can control the dredging system of the entire ship in the cab

Leader Dredger has tested the operating system in the cab for many years and has now achieved the advantages of simple operation, intuitive parameters and strong comfort.

Driving Cabin

The Leader Dredger full range of dredging boat Driving cabin has more field of vision, which is convenient for viewing more external conditions.

The extremely simple control system allows the driver to better operate the dredger.

Provide drivers with a high-quality working environment, and equipped with air conditioning.

Dredger Winch

The hydraulic winch of the cutter suction dredger is mainly a winch with a large rated load, which is driven by a reliable and low maintenance hydraulic motor.

The hydraulic winch of the dredger uses oil as the working medium, transmits motion through the change of the sealed volume, and transmits power through the pressure inside the oil.

Dredger Body

There is a production design team inside the factory, which can design the hull according to Chinese standards or BV standards, produce welding, and the painting process is in accordance with the standards of sea ships.

Ensure the high strength and corrosion resistance of the hull, so that the entire ship has a longer service life and stable operation.

Dredger Engine

Leader Dredger's full range of dredgers are equipped with Caterpillar-Cat and Cummins engines, providing reliable performance and high fuel efficiency for dredgers. At the same time, we support customers to choose engine brands.

Dredger Pump

Leader Dredger's full range of dredgers use Chinese professional pump manufacturers. And we will change the number of pumps according to the discharge distance and dredging depth, so as to provide stronger suction for the dredger.
Leader Dredger can be customized according to working conditions.

Large dredge adopts the design of two suction dredge pumps. The underwater pump alone provides stable suction for the reamer. Another dredge suction pump in the cabin is used to strengthen the suction to meet deeper dredging depth or farther discharge distance.

1. Design of Mud pump shell

The shell of the double shell pump is not in contact with the mud and is not subject to abrasion, so the double shell pump is much safer than the single shell pump. With the protection of the outer shell, the inner shell can be fully utilized. At the same time, the use of high wear-resistant materials for the inner shell can greatly extend its service life, reduce the operating cost of the dredger, and improve the safety performance of the cutter dredger.

Submersible pumps are widely used in large-scale projects. On the one hand, the addition of submersible pumps increases the depth of digging and increases the concentration. On the other hand, the combination with the tank pump can increase the discharge distance, making the entire suction and discharge system better Automatic adjustment function, better adaptability to working conditions and higher efficiency

2. The overall design of the mud pump

In the design and selection of the suction pump, we will select reasonable parameters according to various conditions such as the dredging depth, soil condition, output, and discharge distance of the customer's construction project. And determine the best working condition point of the mud pump, so as to make the whole ship have better economy.

For example, if the discharge distance of a certain project is far, if you blindly increase the head of a single pump, it will inevitably increase the power and invest more in single-party costs for future projects that are not of this type.

3. Cost optimization of suction pump

Concentration and efficiency are two very important parameters of the suction pump. It is more economical to increase the concentration percentage point than to increase the efficiency percentage point of the suction pump.

Cutter Head

The leader Dredger full range of dredger cutter head uses wear-resistant materials, which can meet many harsh dredging and mining environments. The cutter head can cut soil of many different types of materials, such as mud, sand, sandstone, minerals, and hard stones.

Cutter teeth
Our Cutter teeth can be replaced. The blade is equipped with an adapter to easily install and remove Cutter teeth. To meet the requirements of cutting more materials. The design of the blade of the dredge blade can minimize the overflow of the cutter. They introduce the cut material into the nozzle in the most effective way.


There are 32 people in the technology and design department
12 senior technicians
20 technicians.
Can design and have all kinds of dredgers, civil, warships, marine engineering equipment qualifications.

We can do different types of China Classification Society CCS, American ABS, European BV, Italian RINA standard ships, dredgers, ships, etc.

The design of the cutter suction dredger involves disciplines such as mechanical manufacturing, electrical and electronic, hydrodynamics, computer technology, automation science, materials science, marine meteorology and even nuclear physics, and belongs to the category of system engineering design.

Leader Dredger specializes in analysis and design of dredger hull size, winch bridge, winch system, hydraulic system, positioning pile, mud pump system and its professional design, And repeatedly debug the power system, environment, vibration and noise issues

According to the dredging volume, digging depth index and soil quality of the construction project, the specific performance indexes such as the digging depth, soil breaking capacity and production capacity of the cutter suction dredger are determined.
This design concept is not only widely used in general commercial dredging fields, but also in military, scientific research and engineering fields.
The difference is that dredgers that serve commercial projects can improve the performance of cutter suction dredgers to achieve higher production efficiency and economic benefits, while dredgers used in military and scientific research fields can meet the needs of specific projects. Its economic performance is relatively lower.

In the current economic and social environment, a design that only focuses on technical performance without considering product economic indicators is almost impossible. The cutter suction dredger design is also based on practicality, reliability and other technical indicators, fully considering the economic performance in use, and weighing the unified indicators of technical performance and economic performance to achieve better design results.


The main services we provide are:

  • 1. Pre-sales project consulting
  • 2. Design and solution Suggestions
  • 3. On-site installation guidance
  • 4. On-site and remote training
  • 5. After-sales service
  • 6. Long-term accessories support
  • 7. Whole-process consulting services and other customer life cycle support

a. We guarantee that the free warranty period for fast wearing parts and non-human damage parts is 1 year. Including all hydraulic parts, all electrical parts, all wearing parts and wearing parts

b. One year later, spare parts will be provided at cost price. Like the engine and gearbox, there is after-sales service in the local area. We will first judge the problem and contact their personnel to save time for resolution

c. Lifetime free consulting service, after-sales service, operation guidance

Leader Dredger has 20 years of experience in the dredger production industry and can provide customized dredger production services for the most demanding projects. It is different from other manufacturers that can only produce standard dredges. Leader Dredger has a design and production team composed of more than 70 people, and has completed the design and manufacturing of more than 100 dredgers.



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Pipe diameter (mm)
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Total installed power(kw)
Discharge distance(m)
Pipe diameter (mm)
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